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Dr. Ghamian

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Dr. Rhemtulla

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Dr. Swanlund

Growth of +$63,000 per month after 24 months

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Pure Dental

Growth of +$80,000 per month after 5 months

Dr. Bhandari

Growth of +$45,000 per month after 5 months

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Dentists often reach out to us, and most ask some version of this question: "I have worked with other consultants...how are you different?" Great question. This video is the core of what sets us apart.

Dr. Reaves

Growth of +$106,920 per month
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Dr. Gifford

Growth of +$23,000 per month after 12 months

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“I’m afraid my long-in-tooth (pardon poor pun) years, experience, observing “idea promoters” come and go has made me jaded. I am rarely impressed. But my look into what Dr. Biasucci has done and continues to do with his practice has impressed. Unless you have a monster ego standing in your way, it is impossible not to be impressed. And I can assure you, there is much worthy of your attention, analysis and application. I happen to prize AUTONOMY above virtually everything else, and above all else, I am impressed with Dr. Biasucci’s clarity about and commitment to autonomy as a practice owner. His system shows the way on this road few ever travel.
I have been actively and intimately involved with the dental profession in the U.S. and Canada for over 35 years, directly influencing with innovative practice growth strategies, and as behind-scenes ‘Consultant To The Consultants’. More than 15,000 dentists and other health care practice professionals have gone through my own Trainings, and more than a dozen leaders of the field have worked or now work with me as their consultant and coach. From this, I have determined a few key Great Truths about the dentists who create exceptionally successful and sustainable practices AND satisfying professional lives, versus the overwhelming majority who, instead, live as Thoreau characterized “lives of quiet desperation.”

– Dan S. Kennedy
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